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Mia Adriana and Khuzairi browse happy married life. Coupled with the presence of a second eye light 7 Hari Mencintaiku 2 Novel Pdf Free Download.

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“My brother’s happiness when love and children are by my side.” Those are the words that Khuzairi often said to his wife. At the moment they are wrapped up happily. Mrs. Hayati and Dato ‘Johari returned with their revenge. Great Mrs. Hayati arranged the show. Mia Adriana was consumed by her words. Syakila is no less great.

That sin did not come from mama! That sin came from my mother’s husband! Abah is crazy mama! Until you are willing to do the damn thing! The sin of the harness that will be tarnished in this house! My mother is itchy! ” He lost his respect for Pak Samad. A man who has been respected all this time. Leha’s mother began to hate Mia Adriana.

“You remember! A child needs a mother’s blessing! If you want Khuzairi to bless me! You left him! As long as you are still his wife! Until then he will not be able to bless me! Without Khuzairi’s mother’s blessing, she will not be happy! ” Nadia broke up with Zaidi. Helmi divorced Sofi and Khuzairi and her household was in turmoil. Nurul Ain appears in their lives. Leha’s mother is pleased with this girl. Nurul Ain is so perfect in her eyes.

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“I want you to ask Nurul. If Abang Long is just a goat care worker, does he want to? Then you value, where are the gems, where are the road stones. ” Helmi tried to awaken his mother. Khuzairi feels challenged. He seemed to be peeling at the edge of the trunk. Khuzairi persuaded, Khuzairi pleaded, Mia Adriana still wanted to go. Khuzairi could not reach him anymore.

“Go Mia! Go! I don’t want to see your face anymore! Go as far as you want! I hope your life will be happier without Khuzairi’s love! ” Mia Adriana’s sad eyes looked at her children.

“I’m sorry dear mother. I had to leave. ” She stared at her husband for the last time. Despite 7 Days of Loving Me, Khuzairi’s love is no more. Goodbye brother. Goodbye My Love. Words spoken in the heart along with tears.

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