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The PTSD Roadmap to in Horses Growth

As I began to work with ponies that had a lot of pressure that had been held inside their bodies I began to understand that there were other controlling elements that should have been thought of and tended to. This is the place the factor of PTSD (Post-horrendous Stress Syndrome) …

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Essential Oils For Your Horse Body Shining

Today I’m going to talk about the use of Essential Oils and how it applies to the use of ponies; we will review a portion of their accounts, how some data may have fooled you into their protected use, and even how it works. The fundamental Oils themselves have been …

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Reduce Stress with Your Horse Brain

Welcome back, today I would like to clarify how we are constantly moving forward in the work area with ponies that have so far been completely ignored; and that zone puts pressure on the enthusiasm of the ponies. Before we can even talk about the enthusiastic pressure on the government …

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