Terkini Solat Jumaat Selangor Pkpb

SHAH ALAM – The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) allows Friday prayers to be performed in all mosques and suraus which are given permission to hold Friday prayers in three districts, namely Kuala Selangor, Sabak Bernam and Hulu Selangor.

Apart from that, five-hour obligatory prayers are also allowed in all mosques and suraus in the three districts.

Its director, Mohd Shahzihan Ahmad said, the permission was however given according to the actual capacity of the prayer room with imprisonment of 1.5 meters.

“This permission involves 130 mosques, as well as 21 Friday truth suraus and 453 suraus.

“For entertainment programs such as Maghrib lectures, Subuh lectures, Dhuha lectures and Yassin readings are also allowed provided the invited speakers are from the green zone only, while the permission to attend Friday prayers and obligatory prayers is for citizens only,” he said in a statement. released today.

Solat Jumaat Selangor Pkpb Terkini

He, however, said that the new ruling does not include the Kuala Selangor Sub-District involving a mosque, two Friday prayer suraus and two suraus due to the latest development of contagion in the sub-district.

“Specific instructions have already been issued by the department to the District Islamic Religious Office involved to be enforced immediately.

“All Muslims in the state are expected to improve their discipline, self-control, patience and continue to comply with standard operating procedures (SOP) set by JAIS, National Security Council (MKN) and Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to curb the spread of Covid-19.
Full Article: https://www.sinarharian.com.my/article/114225/EDISI/Selangor-KL/Solat-Jumaat-solat-fardu-di-masjid-dib permangan-di-tiga-daerah.

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